Happy New Year!

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Dear all.

We are ready to put the year of 2014 behind. It has been a hectic year production wise at Sant & Usant, where we have developed & produced several new projects and films with many new and interesting Norwegian and international directors. After a very quiet 2013 without any releases, we where proud to release ’I am Kuba’ by Åse Svenheim Drivenes in Germany in November. The film will have its Norwegian premiere at Tromsø International film festival the 15th of January and more festivals and tv stations have already programmed the film for 2015. So there is more to come here.

We have started a very unique co-operation with Final Cut for Real in Denmark and Story in Sweden that enabled us to start working with new great directors. First of all, we are very proud and honored to work with one of the most important directors in the world,; Victor Kossakovsky. When we asked him to do a short film for children together with us, he immediately said yes and it has been like a dream to work with him. His film Varicella will be released in 2015.

Together with Victor we finally managed to trick Erlend E. Mo to come and work with us. We have already asked him for several years and finally he said yes. We have admired his work with ’Can you die in heaven’ and ’My eyes’ and are happy to work with ’Dancing for you’ with him which will be released in 2015.

Then we are working with a new film by the talented Swede Sara Broos who directed the award winning ’For you naked’. We are early in the development but are looking forward to continue in 2015.

We are also lucky to have Karen Winther with us. Her debut film The Betrayal won the student award at IDFA in 2011. We are excited about her new project and looking forward to continue the good work in 2015.

We are continuing to work with Fredrik Horn Akselsen on ’Biff ala Lindstrøm’. There has been some really interesting search in the major archives in Norway, and we believe we will start production in 2015.

Tone Grøttjord will come back from maternity leave. We are very excited that she will start the new year by developing a new film as director. More information will come along the way.

Finally, just before christmas we locked the edit on Maiko – dancing child, which director Åse Svenheim Drivenes has worked with for four years. We will start post- production and the film will premiere in 2015, with a festival version 70 min and also a tv version 58 min. This has been a hectic year for Åse with two films very close, but well done and congratulations to her.

After an intens campaign with ’Cricketing the Streets of Oslo’, we tried to raise money to send Norways worst cricket team to Australia to screen the film for the legend Sachin Tendukar,. We did not manage to reach our goal. We are still hoping for a miracle, but marketing wise they did great with prime time news on Australia’s biggest news channel SBS. The film will be screened on NRK early 2015.

We have also this year been minor co-producer for Final Cut for Real and Andreas Dalsgaards film ’Life is sacred’ which premiered at CPH:DOX.

We want to thank all our co-production partners, financiers, supporters, colleagues, directors, assistants, cinematographers, editors, technicians, designers, composers etc for all great work on our films and for great support from everyone we meet when we travel with our films. We are looking forward to a great new year with the release of four films; Maiko – dancing child, Varicella, Dancing for you, and Cricketing the streets of Oslo.

All the best from
Anita, Tone and Eirin.