Cricketing the streets of Oslo

Directed by Ritchie Cavander-Cole & Mamdooh Afdile


“Cricketing the streets of Oslo” is a humorous story about five foreign men in Oslo, Norway, who play cricket in what might be the world’s worst cricket team. When they are about to lose their last denial about the teams failures, they decide to take action to save their losing, multi-cultural cricket team.

With an attitude of “the sky is the limit”, the team hit the streets of Oslo to make a film love letter for the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, as they believe their Indian hero will be their only possible rescuer. What comes out of their campaign might not be quite what they expected.



“Cricketing the streets of Oslo” might be a good example to address these interesting questions.  This is a story about five foreign men, who play cricket for a team from Oslo. A game they love. A game that many Norwegians don’t even know exists here.  When their last few sessions ending in the teams relegation resulting in the departure of its best players to better teams, these five men decide to take action to save their Vålerenga Cricket Club, Norway’s most multi-cultural sporting team. This is a film that questions our understanding of love when it comes in different forms.


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    Ritchie Cavander-Cole (born 1973) graduated from the Film and TV-Academy in Oslo as a documentary director. He had previously been a professional golf player before he turned his hand to instructing children in theatre in both London and Dublin. Recently, he has worked as a freelancer in various television productions, as well as teaching film to teenagers through the Norwegian Arts Council. Cricketing the Streets of Oslo is his second film.

    Mamdooh Alfdie graduated with honors from the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School in Jerusalem. His career as a TV director and filmmaker includes directing more than 50 short documentaries for social media, a variety of TV programs -from talk shows to singingcompetitions and more. Mamdooh is also a film lecturer and has given master classes and workshops in different international educational venues. In his last feature film JEAN WEJNOON (2011), which won him best comedy documentary script in 2007, he worked on developing a new hybrid filmmaking style under the name of fusion film. The film is currently screened in festivals around the world. Mamdooh currently lives in Oslo working as a filmmaker and a cognitive neuroscience guest researcher at the University of Oslo .

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    Eirin Gjørv is a directing graduate of the Norwegian National Film School, and also a graduate from The University of Oslo specializing in Social Anthropology, Geography and World Religions. She has directed a series of short documentaries as well as TV-drama and short films. She has also been running a production company, but is now the newcomer in Sant & Usant where she will work as a producer developing several project.




  • Director Ritchie Cavander-Cole & Mamdooh Afdile
  • Producer name Eirin Gjørv
  • Technical Specs HD
  • running time 27 minutes
  • financiers Norwegian Film Institute, NRK, Fritt ord.
  • Release date 2015