Dancing for you

Directed by Erlend E. Mo

«Dancing for you» is a film about Vilde, 12 years old, a girl from Gransherad in Telemark. It is a musical and visual film about Vilde that has a talent in an unusual field, especially for girls: Halling solo dance. Vilde lives in the middle of a forest in Gransherad in Telemark with her parents and brother, one horse, a donkey, two cats and six goats, and she is already one of the best in Halling fridans in her age group. Vilde’s main goal now is the big championship called ‘Landskappleik’ in Geilo 2014. But performance is not the main thing. Vilde’s greatest wish is that her grandfather who has cancer will stay healthy and live as long as possible. She believes that if she can show Grandpa how happy she is in life itself – her own force of nature and dance – this will help her grandfather to manage his disease.

New Dancing for You

Producer: Anita Rehoff Larsen
Director: Erlend E. Mo
Master: HD.
Format 25 minutes.
Financers: Norwegian Film Institute, Sørnorsk filmfond, Fond for lyd og bilde. In Co-production with: Arte G.E.I.E

Sales: DR ultra, NRK super

The film is part of a nordic collaboration with Final Cut for Real in Denmark and Story in Sweden. Where all produce two films each. Each of the six films takes place in a different country, featuring a new kid and their sport – e.g. sumo wrestling in Japan, cheerleading in Sweden, BMX-biking in South Africa, fencing in Denmark, and ballet in Russia.
The sport/art will be the engine for the narrative, but the films will also offer a deeper layer, which deals with important subject matters related to the challenges of sport and growing up – e.g. parent pressure, sacrifices; problems between friends; being a girl playing a traditionally boys’ sport. Subject matters that most children around the world can relate to. We hope that these films will increase children’s appetite and interest in the world around them, strengthen their sense of community and solidarity with other children across national borders, and above all: Create a safe space for children to discuss the challenges they face with their friends and family.

The other films are:

FINAL CUT FOR REAL in Denmark are producing:

Chikara – The Sumo Wrestler’s Son / Dir. Simon Lereng Wilmont (Japan)

The Fencing Champion / Dir. Simon Lereng Wilmont (Denmark)

Producer is Monica Hellstrøm

STORY in Sweden are producing:

Ruth / Dir. Hanna Heilborn (Sweden)
Chapter 11/ Dir. Ania Winiarska (South Africa)

Producers are Tobias Janson and Malin Hüber



  • Director Erlend E. Mo
  • Producer name Anita Rehoff Larsen
  • Technical Specs HD
  • running time 25 minutes
  • financiers Norwegian Film Institute, Sørnorsk filmfond, Final cut for Real og Sant & Usant
  • Release date 2014
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