Directed by Victor Kossakovsky


KROGUFANT is a feature-length documentary about the intelligence, emotions, and sensibility of animals which have been living close to us for thousands of years and mainly considered as our food: pigs, cows, and chickens. According to the latest scientific discoveries and our own experience observing and filming them: each of those animals is not merely something, but is in fact, someone! Following the ordinary lives of the three most common farm animals, we will discover their unique personalities. We will film the animals’ life at the free farm, without any interaction with people, without interviews and voice over. We want to give a “voice to” those who never had the right to say anything.


We will film pigs, cows, and chickens only. We want to show who those animals really are! This film will show that pigs, cows and chickens can feel compassion, guilt, jealousy, love. They can sacrifice themselves. They have an intellect and sense of humour! They have everything that humans have! Everything that we are proud of, as signs of our uniqueness.

KROGUFANT will present pigs, cows, and chickens as the most extraordinary and surprising characters ever!




  • Director Victor Kossakovsky
  • Producer name Anita Rehoff Larsen
  • running time 90 min minutes
  • financiers Norwegian Film Institute Fritt ord foundation Creative Europe Storyline Studios
  • Release date 2019