The Trail of Ratko Mladic

Directed by Henry Singer and Rob Miller

The man accused of the worst atrocity in Europe since WWII; the biggest trial since Nuremberg; prosecution and defence lawyers fighting for justice and the truth; a country still bitterly divided along ethnic lines and a multi-billion dollar court struggling to make a difference.

Since the trial of Ratko Mladic began on May 16, 2012 in The Hague, Sandpaper Films has been filming behind the scenes with the prosecution, the defence, and many of the witnesses who have come forward to testify. The ICTY has never granted this kind of access before — prosecutors arguing late into the night as they prepare for an important witness; defence lawyers driving to see Mladic in the detention centre, worrying about what to say; witnesses, some of whom have agreed to testify at great personal risk, taking a deep breath before leaving the seclusion room and taking the long walk down to the court.

Directed and produced by Henry Singer and Rob Miller, Sandpaper Films (UK)

Co-prodused by Ida Bruusgaard, Sant og Usant (Norway)

Format: 90’ & 120’ dokumentar



  • Director Henry Singer and Rob Miller
  • Producer name Henry Singer and Rob Miller
  • coproducers Ida Bruusgaard
  • running time 120 min minutes
  • Release date November 2018